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AOS Launch Party at Red Dot Design Museum (25 Feb 2012)


Many have the ability to spin a track, but few halt conversations, unite differences or incite the dance floor into euphoria with the sheer compulsion of their beats the way AOS does. Talent is not the only thing to have knighted the AOS DJs, a charismatic crew who have built their own cult following through their individual style and captivating presence, which have elevated them to a celebrated status that has mostly eluded the local DJ scene.

The Butter Factory launches its brand new DJ Crew – AOS, helmed by its 3 main resident DJs Andrew T, Dave Does & Stanley. The AOS DJs are rockstars on the decks, guaranteed to get feet shuffling and fists pumping, whilst looking sharp doing it.

“The plan for AOS is to groom a crew of DJs that that not only have skills but possess that charismatic personality and star quality. In the near future, we hope to be able to include other entertainers like emcees and dancers to this crew too. But for now the focus is on the DJs and we are on the lookout for new talented DJs to add to the AOS DJ crew,” says Celeste Chong, Marketing Director of The Butter Factory.

Here’s a quick introduction to each of them:

Andrew T
Music: Hiphop/ R&B/ Open format
Started to DJ in year: 2003
Residencies held to date:

Past recidencies in Singapore include Boom Boom Room, Gotham Penthouse, Phunk Bar and Q Bar. Currently, Resident DJ at The Butter Factory, with his own signature nights “Butter Cookies”, “Booty Call” and “The DarKnight”.

Most memorable gigs: Jay Chou’s Birthday Party at Primo in Taipei (2010), Avalon At Large (2010, 2011), Being Music Director for Youth Olynpics (2010), Seoul Electronic Music Festival (2012)

Interesting facts: Andrew T plays the guitar and the piano. He is also good at consuming alcohol and cooking bacon.


Dave Does
Music: Cutting Edge Electronic music/ Multigenre mashup
Started to DJ in year: 1998
Residencies held to date:

Past residencies in Australia include Club Sublime, Plastic, Rave Utopia, Transmission, Ecky Thump, Fantazia and Hyper Speed. Currently, Main Resident DJ at The Butter Factory (Fash room), with his own signature nights “Space Rave”, “Detention” and “Fash

Most memorable gigs: Every Halloween at The Butter Factory, doesn’t get much better than that.

Interesting facts: Dave Does is also a photographer and is recently into music production too.


4 x DMC and I.T.F. State Champion
Australian I.T.F. Champion
Music: Hip Hop/ R&B/ House/ Open format
Started to DJ in year: 1996
Residencies held to date:

Past residencies include Fox Studios (Sydney), Establishment (Sydney), Bamboo (Sydney), Perfect (Sydney), Bounce (HCMC), Muse (Shanghai), VOlar (Shanghai), GPlus (Shanghai & Hangzhou), Sin (Shanghai), Prive (Shanghai)
Currently, Main Resident DJ at The Butter Factory (Bump room), with his own signature nights “butterFLY”, “The Bizz Nizz” and “Butter Cookies”

Most memorable gigs: Opening for 50 Cent, G-unit & Lil Jon Concert in Australia and having Deejayed alongside the late Jam Master Jay from RUN DMC in Australia.

Interesting facts: Stanley loves to travel and also dabbles in music production. He is currently taking a course on Audio Production at the SAE Institute.


To answer what AOS stands for:
Andrew: “It stands for the Ace of Spades, and we are the top draw in the deck!”
Dave: “It’s also the sharpest card in the deck.”
Stanley: “’Cause when we get on the decks, the crowd goes All Out Stupid!”

The AOS launch party will be The Butter Factory’s second party out of its club venue, following the huge success of its first party FLOAT which was the first dance party to be held on the Marina Bay Floating Platform.

The AOS launch party will be held at the red dot design museum (located at 28 Maxwell Road, red dot traffic, Singapore 069120). Despite a smaller venue this time, the party promises to be pack more punch with visual treats and guest MCs and go-go dancers
from around the world.


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