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AQUANOVA Resident Bands

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Conceptualised as a comprehensive one-stop lifestyle venue, AQUANOVA Restaurant Bar aims to set the bar as the hot spot for an unparalleled experience for dining and live performances.

The latest dining and live entertainment concept of LifeBrandz, AQUANOVA is located at bustling Clarke Quay, one of Singapore’s most coveted destinations.Overlooking the bustling Central Fountain Square at Clarke Quay, AQUANOVA presents an intimate chic setting with expansive space for multiple purposes; dining, drinking and even dancing.

AQUANOVA Resident Bands
AQUANOVA is proud to present two of the finest live entertainment acts in Singapore.

Arguably one of the best yetunderrated acoustic act, the ACOUSTIC TRIP performs at AQUANOVA every Monday to Friday from 7.30pm.Mellifluous tunes from the Acoustic Trip provide the perfect ambient music to set the mood for a relaxing chill-out atmosphere for guests enjoying their dinner or sipping on an after-work tipple.

Already a household name in the scene, JOHN MOLINA & KRUEGER are now augmented by two other great vocalists, ALIA D and PATRICK.Accompanied by energetic dancers from Australia & Europe, John Molina & Krueger with Alia D & Patrick will no doubt catapult AQUANOVA to become the venue for a rollicking night of live entertainment.


Mellifluous is one word which best describes the Acoustic Trip.

Touted as one of the best acoustic acts in Singapore, Acoustic Trip has performed in Singapore for 13 years at numerous top venues. They have also landed gigs in destinations such as Germany, Bali, the Maldives and Vietnam.

Acoustic Trip is led by Medy Diaz and he is accompanied by his partners Oliver, Boy T and Nizam. The core of Acoustic Trip’s music is an “unplugged” marriage of folk, rock, and blues. Acoustic Trip performssophisticated harmonies with an engaging stage presence and a lively style. Their ability to perform a wide repertoire of songs as well as its consistently high standard of musical performances has enabled them to transcend language and cultural barriers to entertain multi-national guests.

“Live” Videos

Performance Timing
Monday to Friday, 7.30pm onwards

RESIDENT BAND – John Molina & Krueger with Alia D & Patrick
Rocking AQUANOVA’s unique and interactive centre stage every night from 10:30pmis resident band John Molina & Krueger with Patrick& Alia D; a stalwart name in the local live entertainment scene known for their electrifying performances of contemporary rock and pop hits.

Performance Timing
Monday to Saturday, 10.30pm onwards

One of the most familiar names in the Singapore live entertainment scene, John Molina boasts a career that spans two decades and is still going strong today.John formed his band Krueger in the early 1990s and quickly became an instant hit with all music lovers, with their cover interpretations of popular rock and pop hits. Molina’s dashing good looks and sex appeal won over the hearts of his many female fans.

Past Performing Venues:
Europa, Sparks, Studio East, Red Café, Metz, China Bar, Rouge, Thumper, YELLO JELLO

Storming the scene fourteen years ago, Alia D quickly established herself as one of the most prominent power vocals in Singapore. Alia D has been invited to perform in various countries like USA, Japan and Dubai to name a few. Often dubbed as the Diva of her generation, Alia has won the hearts of critics and punters with her engaging renditions of pop and soul. Alia D has also trained and choreographed multiple productions.

Past Performing Venues:
Papa Joes, Strumms, Ipanema, Music Underground, Europa, Devil’s Bar, St James Power Station, Barnone

Growing up on a diet of R&B, Soul and Slow Jam, Patrick is influenced by a myriad of artists including Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, and Eric Clapton which have helped shape his unique style. Patrick began his musical career at a tender age of 18 and a decade down the road, he has blossomed to become one of the most sought after R&B and Soul artists in the local live entertainment scene. Having performed in regional gigs in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, things are looking good for Patrick.

Past Performing Venues:
Music Underground, Devil’s Bar, St. James Power Station, Boiler Room, Barnone.

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