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Find out what are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Singapore’s nightlife and clubbing scene, as well as their answers below.

If one is under 18 by just a few weeks for example 4 weeks is he able to get into clubs?
In general, they determine your age according to your exact date of birth and not the year that you are born. Legally, you are still under 18 and will not be permitted to enter the club premises.

Since the legal drinking age in S’pore is 18, if a person who is 21 gets caught in a place where the minimum age is 23, will he be punished by the law?
Apart from the legal age limit of 18, all other minimum age requirements (e.g. 23, 25 etc) are determined by the clubs themselves. This is to attract certain class of clientele and not due to the law.

Is it true that slippers or sandals are not allowed in certain clubs?
Yes, it is true that slippers/sandals are not allowed in certain clubs.

What to wear for Partying / Clubbing? (Clubbing Gear)
Anything comfortable to dance in with a tinge of skin to show.

What drinks to order for Partying / Clubbing? (Clubbing Drinks)
AK47, Apricot Brandy 7-up, Apple Shooter, Black Russian, Bloody Mary, Blowjob, B52, Graveyard, Gin Tonic, Illusion, Lamborgini, Long Island Tea, Lychee Martini, Midori Sprite, Pineapple Rum, Rum coke, Tequila Pop, Tequila Neat/Shot, Tequila Lime, Vodka Redbull, Vodka Ribena, Vodka Orange, Vodka Cranberry, Vodka 7-up, Vodka Lime, Whisky Green Tea, Whisky Coke, Whisky Sprite, Watermelon Martini, Lychee Martini

I don’t want to club with my passport. What forms of foreign I.D will clubs accept as proof-of-age? Is my New Zealand drivers licence alright?
Generally a driver licence with your recent photo should get you through. BUT some club bouncers are pretty uptight about I.Ds. So for a great clubbing experience, club with your passport.

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